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He also made two different videos for his hit " The Other Woman ". After the game, Lewis said it was one of the best tackles he has made in his career.

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His intensity, his passion, his love of the game and his leadership were always dialed in at the highest possible level.

Throughout his childhood years, his father was absent in his life. On Sunday, November 21,Lewis became only the second player in NFL history to record at least 30 interceptions and 30 sacks in his career the other being Rodney Harrison. Therefore, Jerry Kramer, as a right guard, played against the best defensive tackle every week.

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Lewis totaled 20 tackles and one pass deflection in two playoff games. Through the Bohannon relationship at 16 he recorded and co-wrote his first songs with Marvin Gaye. He averaged nearly tackles a year and spotlighted his versatility as the first player in NFL history to get a sack, interception, fumble recovery and touchdown catch on a screen pass in a game, against Houston in There was skepticism about his height from the beginning, and it showed during the draft.

In addition, Lewis totaled four sacks, an interception, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and 11 pass deflections. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. Myles Munroe compares leaders to the King of the Jungle, he says. Lewis is also an official partner with Under Armour, seeking to bring help and hope through community impact programs.

And I came right out after that, and I said, I made a statement, and I said honestly, Steve, I said, "I might be the greatest player to ever walk up out of here.

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Thank you to the University of Miami. Lewis added 21 tackles, one sack, and one pass deflection in two playoff games.

You done read this play. A nine-time Pro Bowl selection, he was a rare player to have finished a career with at least 35 interceptions and 20 sacks.

Doom'' was named to the NFL's all-decade team of the s. NFL linebacker Ray Lewis is a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Super Bowl MVP and played his entire year career with the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis was born in Bartow, Florida, in Do whatever you got to do to make sure you chase your legacy every second in your life.

“. Synopsis. Ray Lewis was born in Bartow, Florida, in The oldest of five children, Lewis became a football star at Kathleen High School and was recruited to play at the University of Miami. Pro Football Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, the former NFL linebacker turned TV analyst, lost almost half of hisfollowers this week in Twitter's purge of fake accounts, Pro Football Talk reported.

After warning Colin Kaepernick to keep quiet about social activism earlier this year, Ray Lewis knelt during the national anthem Sunday.

Indirector Herschell Gordon Lewis pulled a cow's tongue out of an actress mouth on camera, and in doing so, changed the landscape of horror cinema forever.

Ray lewis
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